Book Pairings: Clinging to Summer!

I just performed my twice annual ritual, switching out the sandals in my closet for boots. While I love the turning of the leaves and the chill in the air, saying goodbye to my sandals always comes with a tinge of sadness. These two books helped me hold onto the heat of summer for just a little bit longer.


When I happened upon this book at a bookstore sale, I knew I'd heard friends talking it up online and that the gorgeous pearlized cover was too pretty to pass up, but I never expected what a treasure lay within its pages. I expected a light breezy read that keeps you entertained, but this book offers so much more. Perfectly structured, beautifully written and carefully plotted, this book grabbed hold of my heart and still hasn't let go. The three main characters, Anthony, Joy and Lu, are spending the summer on Block Island for different reasons and the narration switches between them, allowing each of the their stories to unfold and intertwine. Of course, each character has their share of secrets that will surely be revealed before the heat of summer yields to the cool nights of fall. Each character is equally compelling, and Block Island becomes a riveting character as well. The descriptions of the unique island setting are sweet and refreshing, calling up my own memories of visiting the island when I was pregnant with my first child. The Islanders is a story of family and found family, of secrets and lies, of learning to find your own true path and place in the world. This one is truly special and not to be missed.


This is a beautiful little gem of a novel. The story follows Eve Rosen, a young woman who works an an editorial assistant in the publishing industry, but longs to be a writer herself. One big problem stands in her way—she has nothing inspiring to say. On a whim, she quits her job and moves to Truro on Cape Cod for the summer to work for an intriguing older writer. What follows is a summer of sexual exploration, discovery and coming of age. I enjoyed accompanying Eve on her journey and I especially loved the way Dukess describes the scenery of the Cape—the morning light, the dunes, the summer grass. This slim book packs so much into only a few pages and I enjoyed every one of them.